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The magic of Primrose Woods often comes to life with the changing seasons, so Jill Steeples is here to tell us about how the change in seasons has inspired her writing of gorgeous Primrose Woods. 🌷☀️🍁❄️

How the changing seasons inspire my writing of Primrose Woods

Part of my daily routine is a long walk with Amber, my English pointer. I must admit, on some days, if it’s raining or grey and miserable outside, then I might not always relish the idea of leaving my cosy writing den, but getting outside, whatever the weather, is always guaranteed to lift my mood. There’s something about being outdoors, walking along familiar footpaths surrounded by trees, that is both energising and healing. It’s a concept I like to explore within my books.

I’m lucky enough to live near to a woodland country park which was the inspiration for my fictional world of Primrose Woods which is at the heart of my current series of books. With tall redwood trees, meadows, grassland and lakes, there’s something new to see and appreciate on every visit, as the scenery changes with the passing of the days, weeks and months.

The countryside and the changing seasons are common themes in my books as they mirror the changes and growth taking place in my characters’ lives. In Starting Over at Primrose Woods, Abbey is at a crisis point, and walking in the woods is her way of clearing her head and escaping the pressures of her daily life. Being out in the countryside, noticing the flowering of the rhododendrons or the magical sight of a carpet of bluebells in the woods, or hearing the call of a woodpecker in the trees, is a healing and restorative process for Abbey, and offers her a sense of hope for a new beginning.

It’s reassuring to know in the darkest depths of winter, that spring is just around the corner, and soon the first snowdrops, primroses and crocuses will appear on the ground. It’s always such a hopeful sight and brings with it a sense of positivity for the future. In Snowflakes over Primrose Woods, the second book in the series, Abbey and the rest of the characters are preparing for Christmas, the days are short and the nights are dark, but there is an element of wonder when the woods are transformed by the frost and snow, which brings some surprises for them all.

The changing of the seasons can affect us in many ways, altering our moods and energy levels, bringing reminders of the passage of time, but it is also a reassuring and familiar presence in our lives when everything else can be in a state of uncertainty and upheaval.

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