About Us

Boldwood Books is an award-winning independent, global fiction publishing house.​ Over the past three years, the company has published over 200 titles, signed 77  authors and sold six million books across the world.

Based on the principles of a true partnership with authors, consumers and team members Boldwood is seeking out the best stories from around the world, from both new and established writers, and bringing them, in all formats, to readers everywhere.

Founded by a team with over 80 years success in fiction publishing it promises to be innovative but experienced, fearless but responsible, and lots of fun!

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The Name

A strong statement of intent to be fearless in our enterprise, linked to the material that underpins our industry – and also a personal literary reference for our founder, Amanda Ridout. The character of farmer Boldwood in Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd is close to her heart. His house and farm in the novel – called little Weatherbury – was based on her grandparents’ farm, Druce – which is still in Amanda’s family today.

We are delighted to be the recipient of the Nick Robinson Newcomer of the Year Award at the Independent Publishing Awards 2020.

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