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Nina Manning’s The Bridesmaid is out now!

The wedding scene has been a little on the quiet side for the last fourteen months, but with restrictions being lifted, brides and grooms up and down the country are preparing for their special day. And of course, it is all about the bride and the groom; it is the day they have been planning for years of their lives. The bridesmaid’s role is to be a rock for the bride on the day, she often might be in charge of the hen night as well as making sure the bride looks her absolute best on the day and possibly handing her a shot of something to calm her nerves just before she heads down the aisle. Whilst everyone’s eyes are on the bride and groom, there are few ways you can jazz the day up and create some incredibly special memories of your own.

Here are my top five ways to make her special day, your special day as well.

Make a detour

If your bride has treated you and the other bridesmaids to your own car to take you to the venue, why not make a cheeky detour on the way? Brighten up the day of the local drive through staff by asking your chauffeur to take a cheeky detour. It’s going to be a long day, so you’ll need fuel to keep your energy levels up. Grab yourself your favourite takeaway and a selfie with the window server! Not only will you have some fun memories to look back on, but you will bring a smile to a stranger’s face.

Make a speech

Traditionally the speeches come from the father of the bride and the groom, but who says you shouldn’t mix things up? Dig out some classic photos of the bride and dredge up a few anecdotes that will have your guests howling with laughter, or maybe even shedding an emotional tear.

Start a flash mob.

Granted, this might take a little more planning, but it would certainly add a whole lot of entertainment to the day. It doesn’t have to be a complicated routine – and you only need to give everyone a few moves to remember -but it would definitely give your bride and groom some extra special memories to look back on.

Sing a song.

Remember that scene in Bridesmaids at the engagement party when the two friends compete for the attention of the bride with their rendition of ‘That’s what friends are for?’ Think of the song you and your bride friend love the most and treat her to your version on the day. Even if you’re no Mariah Carey, it will make for some hilarious viewing on the wedding video.

Evening pranks.

And finally, once the Bride and her beloved groom have taken themselves off to their hotel room for the evening, or are cozied up on the dancefloor, take an opportunity to play a few pranks on the other guests. Hairbrushes tucked into the end of the bed will make Auntie shriek when she snuggles down with Harry the hedgehog. You’ve heard of toffee apples, right? Why not smother a raw onion in caramel and leave it in one of your guests’ room as a midnight snack for them? Or finally, maybe you could seek out the most drunken guest of the evening and download a ‘smashed screen’ app to their mobile phone when they’re not looking. They will wake in the morning thinking they were a lot more drunk than they actually were.

Whatever you decide to do, remember being there for the bride is the most important role, but there’s always room for a little fun on the side.

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