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Things never turn out well when there’s more than one female living under the same roof, and in this book there are three. Dora, Her mother Mary and her grandmother Edith.

The inspiration for this storyline was drawn from my personal experience of living with my parents and maternal grandparents in my early years. Then when my sister came along, my grandparents moved into a council bungalow, but my relationship with my gran never improved.

Dora and her mother were forced to reside with Edith through no fault of their own, and Edith’s verbal and physical abuse towards Dora soon surfaces.

As a child I ran away from home but lonely and afraid I returned that very same evening. Dora also absconded but was found and taken back by a friendly tramp. She then meets a young boy, Skinny, who she desperately wants as a playmate; she goes on to meet the others with whom Skinny resides.

When the abuse escalates Mary has to find a way to protect Dora – but how? Where does the tramp fit in? What can the runaway children do to help? Will Edith continue with her hatred of Dora?

Is Dora destined never to be happy as long as Edith is her nemesis? Will Dora ever be saved, and if so, by whom?

Find out the answers to all these questions and whether the outcome is happy or sad.

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