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Be A Swan – Owen Mullen


If you’re confused or anxious about the strange times we find ourselves living in, you’re not alone. The daily diet of disturbing news – about the pandemic, economic meltdown and political upheaval and unrest all over the world – is difficult to take, especially if you’re cut off from the ones you love. In these unprecedented circumstances worrying about the future is entirely understandable. We wouldn’t be human if we reacted any other way. I have to remind myself we are all – all of us – feeling the same.  But it will pass. Everything does. Meanwhile, this is how I’m dealing with it.
What’s happening is beyond my control; there’s nothing I can do to change it. Accepting that is the first step. The second is to actively refuse to allow myself to focus on it and, instead, put my attention to the things I can change. Like throwing myself into my work; picking up a new fitness routine (bit more work needed here😄) – finally, I’m getting to jobs I’ve been neglecting around the house and garden. Most importantly though, I’m keeping good contact with family and friends, the people I care about.I’m very fortunate to be with my wife and best friend Christine, but if you’re on your own and reading this, then I’m guessing you may be into books – in another life, I’m a detective 😎 – so my suggestion would be that if you’re not already a member of some of the fantastically friendly online book clubs, start there. When restrictions ease, visit your local library. Chances are they’ll even have an online one. Being able to settle to a book and lose myself in its pages is a gift I use often.
My sister-in-law sent a picture she took the other day in a snowy Scotland. It reminded me that underneath the water those little legs are paddling furiously, while on the surface, a swan looks majestic and serene. So, for as long as I have to, I’m a swan.

Stay safe, and I’ll see you on the other side of the lake.

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