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A Christmas Wish

Bristol 1927

Ten year old Magda Brodie’s world is torn apart when her mother dies in the workhouse two weeks before Christmas.

Her wastrel father arranges for her sisters to be sent to their grandparents in Ireland and for her younger brother to be adopted leaving Magda distraught with worry as her family are scattered far and wide.

Magda, as the eldest girl is sent to live with her Aunt Bridget who for whatever reason, holds a bitter resentment towards Magda.

But adversity makes Magda strong and determined. She dreams of happier times, to reunite her family and make her Christmas Wish come true.

Praise for Lizzie Lane:

‘A gripping saga and a storyline that will keep you hooked’ Rosie Goodwin

‘The Tobacco Girls is another heartwarming tale of love and friendship and a must-read for all saga fans.’ Jean Fullerton

‘Lizzie Lane opens the door to a past of factory girls, redolent with life-affirming friendship, drama, and choices that are as relevant today as they were then.’ Catrin Collier

‘If you want an exciting, authentic historical saga then look no further than Lizzie Lane.’ Fenella J Miller

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