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The BRAND NEW gritty gangland thriller from Heather Atkinson!

To survive, they’ll need to stick together…

After the defeat of the rival Gordon and Thompson families, the Blood Brothers’ reputations as feared lieutenants of the McVay clan are firmly established. The Gallowburn has become an untouchable stronghold in their capable hands.

However, danger rears its head in another form – Jamie’s deadliest foe, Cameron Abernethy. Still fighting to be released from prison, Cameron decides to use the Lawson family, the Blood Brothers’ biggest rivals, to discover his daughter’s whereabouts.

With his enemies getting closer, and the police on his tail too, Jamie has some impossible choices to make. This is his last chance to live the life he’s dreamed of with the woman he loves, but first he’s got to make sure he’s not caught or killed…

If you love Kimberley Chambers, and Jessie Keane, you’ll love Blood Pact. Discover the bestselling gangland author Heather Atkinson and you’ll never look back… 

What readers are saying about Heather Atkinson:

‘Another brilliant book from Heather…she really is one the best in the business. ‘

‘I have read ALL Heather Atkinson’s books. They are all fantastic.’

‘All Heather’s books are action packed and have you on edge.’

‘I stumbled upon Heather’s books and I’m so glad I did, characters excellent and storylines are great , I find myself searching the book stores for more of them to read the minute I finish one.’

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