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A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife

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The brand new instalment in the top 10 bestselling Cornish Midwife series!

A forever love…or a future dashed?

Midwife Ella Mehenick can’t wait to marry the love of her life, Dan Ferguson. They have both waited so long for their perfect day, and they know their future together will be everything they’ve ever dreamed of. But when Ella suddenly and unexpectedly collapses – all plans are put on hold.

Dan just wants Ella to get better, but Ella, so used to caring for others, struggles to accept she needs care herself. She doesn’t want Dan to give up everything for her and suddenly the life they dreamed of seems to be slipping through their fingers…

Once rock solid, Ella and Dan suddenly seem further apart than ever before. Can they find a path back to their happy ever after or will Ella’s change of heart risk everything they love?

Praise for The Cornish Midwife Series:

‘Stunning setting, wonderful characters, and oozing with warmth. A triumph from Jo Bartlett.’ Jessica Redland

‘Perfectly written and set in the beating heart of a community, this story is a wonderful slice of Cornish escapism.’ Helen J Rolfe

“I absolutely love the Cornish Midwife series, especially being an aspiring midwife from Cornwall. Despite being fiction, these books never fail to motivate me to carry on studying when things get tough and really become The Cornish Midwife myself.” Tegan from Reading with Tegs (book blogger and trainee midwife)

“I get so absorbed in the books from the Cornish Midwife series, I can’t put them down. The characters are like my colleagues, a tight group of people who love the job they do. The stories are truly captivating and make me feel like I am working alongside the characters, as the series mirrors my working life as a Midwifery Care Assistant so well.” Sandra Twyman, Midwifery Care Assistant and avid reader

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