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The Children from Gin Barrel Lane

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Ten-year-old Jack Larkin has seen more than his fair share of shocking sights, growing up in the notorious Crown Saloon.

Broken hearts and broken bones are just a fact of life in a Gin Palace, but for orphan Dolly, the Crown is her last hope.

After the death of her mother, Dolly ran away from her sleazy step father Arthur, only to find herself living on the streets. When Jack discovers her hiding in the back yard of The Crown, he persuades his mother Nellie Larkin, to take Dolly in.

But Dolly has a secret – a very valuable secret – and Arthur is determined to get his clutches on her at any cost. And when local hard-man Ezra Morton joins in the hunt, the Larkins may have to risk everything to keep Dolly safe…

The Queen of the Black Country sagas is back with a page-turning, heart-warming, laugh-out-loud story to remember. Perfect for fans of Val Wood and Lyn Andrews.

Praise for Lindsey Hutchinson:

‘A great story with a great mix of characters, well written and keeps you hooked with each page turn!’ Sarah Davies, NetGalley

‘A wonderful read … The author writes so well, it’s a really hard novel to put down!’ Grace Smith, NetGalley.

‘Make sure to read this book where you won’t be disturbed because once it gets going, you won’t want to put it down’ Andrea Ruiz, NetGalley

‘A very poignant, feel-good-factor novel’ Shelia Easson, NetGalley

‘Excellent story!’ Stephanie Collins, NetGalley

‘The story will linger in your mind long after you finish it’ The Avid Reader.

What readers are saying about The Children from Gin Barrel Lane:

’An entertaining and delightful story that will keep you turning the pages until the very end’

’This story was funny, suspenseful and held my attention all while I kept turning the pages!’

’Lindsey Hutchinson is a very talented writer and the way this story comes together with mischief, laughter, a secret, the chase, strangers turning instantly into family, pulling at my heartstrings and then with such quick ease, wrapping it all up and making me want to read another of her books!’

’Heartfelt, honest and gritty. I adored this read from this author.’

’Without a doubt, a page turner that holds your interest as well as giving you much to think on when you are finished.’

’The setting is atmospheric and vividly described, and lets you experience the sights smells and uproar of the gin palace.’

’This was simply brilliant.’

’Another fantastic book by Lindsay Hutchinson’

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