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Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm

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Welcome to the start of a brand NEW series set in the New Forest full of matchmaking and animal magic from Bestselling author Della Galton.
When your heart’s broken, all roads lead home…

London City Vet, Phoebe Dashwood, finds her partner Hugh and their boss in a passionate clinch beneath the mistletoe at their works Christmas party.

Heartbroken, she bolts to the New Forest, her childhood home to regroup and soul search.

Being home gives Phoebe the chance to reconnect with friends and family and especially with her fiercely independent gran, widower Maggie Crowther, owner of Puddleduck Farm, and makeshift animal shelter New Forest Neddies.
Deciding not to return to London, Phoebe hunts for work locally, hoping she can also help Maggie, who’s clearly swamped and not coping. But will Maggie accept Phoebe’s help?

Her quest is hampered by stubborn grandmothers, meddling mums, an attractive childhood friend, a real-life Lord, a remorseful ex, and a best friend who’s determined to play matchmaker.

Can Phoebe find happiness professionally and personally in the place she calls home, surrounded by those she loves or does fate have other plans for Phoebe?

What everyone is saying about Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm:

‘A delightful story, in what promises to be a wonderful new series, full of fun and animal drama!’ Jo Bartlett

‘A beautifully written, gentle story about self-acceptance, family and friendship. I hope this will be the first of many visits to Puddleduck Farm.’  Sarah Bennett

‘Puddleduck Farm will find its way into your heart – a wonderfully cosy read!’ Fay Keenan

‘A warm, delightful read full of friendship and family with a touch of love on the horizon … I can’t wait to see what happens next at Puddleduck Farm!’ Helen Rolfe

‘A gorgeous start to a heart-warming new series, filled with engaging characters and a delightful cast of animals. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Puddleduck Farm!’ Jill Steeples

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