Publication date: December 13, 2022


ISBN: 9781804263792
RRP: £ 9.99


ISBN: 9781804263761
RRP: £ 0.99

Audiobook (digital download)

ISBN: 9781804263839
RRP: £14.99

Kathy thought she’d met her soulmate. But Police Inspector Michael Conner’s behavior changes on the day of their wedding. Showing his true colors for the first time, Conner becomes increasingly manipulative, controlling, and cruel as the months pass.

When Kathy tries to escape, Conner does his best to convince everyone that she is mentally ill. But Anna, Kathy’s identical twin sister, doesn’t believe it. After a tragic event, Kathy decides enough is enough and elicits Anna’s help to rid herself of Conner for good.

But will Conner simply let Kathy walk away, or have the sisters bitten off more than they can chew?

*Previously published as The Girl in Red*

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