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Coronation Wives

Bristol – 1953
It’s Coronation Year. A new beginning in the aftermath of war, but there are still battles to be fought and secrets to be kept.
Charlotte Hennessey-White copes with the shortcomings of her marriage and throws herself into helping refugees unwelcome by some and exploited by others.
Edna Burbage has three beautiful children and considers herself lucky until the advent of a deadly twentieth century disease makes her think otherwise.
Polly Chandler still hopes for a better life, but there are too many obstacles standing in her way.
These three women lived through a war, can they now cope with the demands of peace?

Praise for Lizzie Lane:

‘A gripping saga and a storyline that will keep you hooked’ Rosie Goodwin

‘The Tobacco Girls is another heartwarming tale of love and friendship and a must-read for all saga fans.’ Jean Fullerton

‘Lizzie Lane opens the door to a past of factory girls, redolent with life-affirming friendship, drama, and choices that are as relevant today as they were then.’ Catrin Collier

‘If you want an exciting, authentic historical saga then look no further than Lizzie Lane.’ Fenella J Miller

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