Publication date: April 14, 2022


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‘A gritty powerful story. A must read for fans of gangland crime.’ Bestselling author Kerry Kaya.

Young, blonde, beautiful and bored, Annette Lambrianu is tired of life on the family vineyard with her husband and young son, Antonias. Yearning for excitement, she flees in the night with the small boy, swapping the safety of Italy for the dangerous streets of London. But she quickly discovers the streets are not paved with gold…

Since that fateful night, fighting for survival is all Antonias Lambrianu has ever known. Life on the streets is hard and Antonius sets his sights on a better future – where money is power, but danger is everywhere.

Antonias is determined he will emerge triumphant, but the stakes are high. Everyone, it seems, is playing dangerous games … Antonias most of all.

But who will be the ultimate winner?

Dangerous Games is the origin story of gangster Tony Lambrianu.

Please note, this is a re-release of Dangerous Games, previously published by Gillian Godden.

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