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A Day That Changed Everything

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At a time when I needed a lift, this novel came into my life.’ 5* Reader Review

Amy Piper is in need of a bit of luck. She’s lost her confidence, her mojo and her way.

But one thing she has never lost is her total love for her thirteen-year-old son Joey, and for his sake she knows it’s time for a change. But first she has to be brave enough to leave the house…

What she needs are friends and an adventure. And when she joins a running group of women who call themselves The Larks, she finds both. Not to mention their inspiring (and rather handsome) coach, Nathan.

The trick to changing your life, is to take it one day at a time. Now, with every ounce of strength she has left, Amy is determined to make just one day special – for herself and for Joey. And who knows, today might be the day that changes everything…

Uplifting, funny and unforgettable, Beth Moran returns with a joyous tale of friendship, love and facing your fears.

This book was previously published as How Not to be a Loser.

 Praise for Beth Moran

‘Life-affirming, joyful and tender.’ Zoe Folbigg

‘Every day is a perfect day to read this.’ Shari Low

‘A British author to watch.’ Publisher’s Weekly

‘A wonderfully warm-hearted story full of love and laughter.’ Victoria Connelly

What readers are saying about A Day That Changed Everything:

‘Beth Moran has such wonderful way with words and can brilliantly write about feelings’

‘An inspirational story that will make you want to put on your trainers and go for a run. It is about second chances, friendship, love and hope’

‘Hilarious and thought – provoking’

‘Beth Moran has created a family dynamic that will capture your heart. At a time when I needed a lift, this novel came into my life.’

‘Uplifting and inspiring.’

‘I just binged this book in just over a day and really enjoyed it.’

‘A poignant and heartwarming story that kept me turning pages as fast as I could.’

‘Uplifting in the truest sense of the word’

‘Such a positive story! A fabulous read and especially for everyone who has struggled, or is currently struggling, with life.’

‘Wonderfully Inspirational’

‘Warm and funny and inspiring.’

‘From beginning to end this book had me hooked.’

‘This uplifting and ultimately life-affirming story serves to remind us that help can come from the most unlikely people, and that maybe that first step is the most important.’

‘A very beautiful story about second chances and friendship’

‘Lovely read guaranteed to touch the heartstrings.’

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