Publication date: November 16, 2022


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Finding Friends on Beamer Street

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The start of a brand new series from Sheila Riley, bestselling author of the Reckoner’s Row saga series!

Liverpool 1921
Pregnant, Mary Jane Starlings secret wedding to Paddy Redfern ends in disaster when her fiancé is murdered on the way to the church. Paddy’s wayward twin ‘Red’ intercepts Mary Jane and warns that they must flee Ireland for fear of reprisals from her family, never to return.
Too young and terrified to question Red’s motives, Mary Jane, is hurriedly escorted to Liverpool where she quickly discovers Red’s good Samaritan act is a sham when he abandons her homeless and destitute.
However, strength, fortitude and good luck save her when she catches the eye of reclusive Cal Everdine and is befriended by Molly Hayward’s lovable family.
But Mary Jane still has to live with the overbearing guilt of the secrets she holds.
Will she ever be able to follow her dreams and reconcile her past?

A brand-new series, set around Liverpool Docks, by bestselling author Sheila Riley

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