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The Girl from Venice

From award-winning author Siobhan Daiko comes an epic novel of love, betrayal, and finding where you truly belong.


Lidia De Angelis has kept a low profile since Mussolini’s laws wrenched her from her childhood sweetheart. But when the Germans occupy Venice, she must flee the city to save her life.

Lidia joins the partisans in the Venetian mountains, where she meets David, an English soldier fighting for the same cause. As she grows closer to him, harsh German reprisals and Lidia’s own ardent patriotic activities threaten to tear them apart.

Decades later

While sorting through her grandmother’s belongings after her death, Charlotte discovers a Jewish prayer book, unopened letters written in Italian, and a fading photograph of a group of young people in front of the Doge’s Palace.

Intrigued by her grandmother’s refusal to talk about her life in Italy before and during the war, Charlotte travels to Venice in search of her roots, There, she learns not only the devastating truth about her grandmother’s past, but also some surprising truths about herself.

Perfect for readers of Rhys Bowen, Fiona Valpy and Victoria Hislop.

What real readers are saying:

‘…a beautiful story with a compelling historical storyline that you won’t want to put down.’ Ann Bennett, bestselling author of The Orphan House.

‘Siobhan Daiko will tug at your heartstrings, and leave you desperate for more.’ The Coffee Pot Book Club.

‘One of my absolute favourite books and a must read for those who love a great escape into historical fiction.’ Goodreads Reviewer.

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