Publication date: February 21, 2023


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My son is missing, and everyone is lying to me.

Last night my son, Shay, sneaked out of the house and didn’t come home. He promised not to go to the illegal party in the woods. But someone’s been attacked and Shay has gone missing. The police want to know if he saw what happened. I’m worried he could be involved.

After all the trouble he’s been in lately, mixing with the wrong crowd, coming home beaten up and scared, I thought we’d put it all behind us. Trouble is, Shay resents me moving my new boyfriend into the family home. I found all sorts on his laptop, including a half-written email warning me not to trust David. What does he know that I don’t?

I’m beginning to fear for his safety. What is David hiding from me? Who have I let into our lives?

I don’t know who I can trust. Will I ever see my son alive again?


‘A page-turning thriller with a shocking and original conclusion. Mesmerising.’ Catherine Cooper, author of The Cruise

‘A great take on the missing child narrative and a total page turner – I simply HAD to know what had happened.’ S E Lynes, author of The Ex

‘A twisty page-turner of a novel that kept me guessing until the very end!’ Mandy Byatt, author of The Younger Woman

A brilliant read. Such an anxiety-inducing, suspenseful domestic thriller!’ Alice Hunter, author of The Serial Killer’s Daughter

‘Raced through he gripping Gone. A compelling and original page-turner!‘ Roz Watkins, author of Cut to the Bone

‘A talent to watch‘ Sam Blake, author of Remember My Name

Gone is any parents’ worst nightmare, a twisty domestic thriller with an ending that will take your breath away’ S. A. Harris, author of Haverscroft

‘A fantastic, fast-paced novel with at its heart the strained relationship between a loving mother and her wayward teenage son. Unpredictable and unputdownable.’ Diane Jeffrey author of The Guilty Mother

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