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From the bestselling author of the Welcome to Harpers Emporium and The Mulberry Lane Series.

The Harpers Girls come face to face with the harsh reality of the cruelty of war.

Oxford Street, London 1915

Sally Harper quietly battles to keep Harpers afloat in the difficult days of the war, whilst husband Ben is working all hours for the War Office.

Beth Burrow is fighting concern for her husband Jack, now at sea with the Merchant Navy, and the fear she may never see him again and be blessed with a child.

Driven to exhaustion, Maggie Gibbs, is now working as a nursing assistant on the battlefields in France. With the everyday horrors of the casualties of war to contend with she suffers her own personal tragedy when her fiancé’s plane ditches in the sea.

Can the Harpers Girls and their loved ones survive the perils of war and find a path to future happiness?

A heart-warming saga following the lives, loves and losses of the Harpers Girls. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Pam Howes and Dilly Court.

What readers are saying about Harpers Heroes:

‘Hopefully there will be a further sequel so that we can find out what happens next!’

‘A great read can’t wait for the next in this series unable to put it down not to be unexpected with this author.’

‘Loved everything about this book. Please say there is going to be another one, otherwise I will be left in suspense not knowing what happened to the Harper’s Girls!’

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