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The Hat Girl’s Heartbreak

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Will it be tears or triumph for the Hat Girl from Silver Street?

It’s been five years since Ella Bancroft lost the love of her life, Harper Fortescue, and despite her friends’ encouragement, she’s still not been able to move on. The one thing keeping Ella smiling is the success of her hat shop, Ivella. Her beautiful designs and fabulous creations are the first choice for the fashionable Edwardian ladies of Walsall, and her fame is spreading far and wide.

Darcie Newland won’t ever forgive Ella for stealing her fiancé and ruining her life, even though Harper was never really hers in his heart. After being exiled by her parents to Scotland after yet another scandal, Darcie is now back in Birmingham and set on revenge.

As her hat shop flourishes, and the possibility of a new love appears when she least expects it, Ella finally dares to hope for a happy future. But storm clouds are gathering over the Black Country, and life might have other plans for the hat girl from Silver Street.

The Queen of the Black Country sagas is back with this page-turning story of friendship and fun, love and second chances. Perfect for fans of Val Wood and Lyn Andrews.

Praise for Lindsey Hutchinson:

‘I love Lindsey Hutchinson’s stories, they always seem heartfelt and I can really identify with the characters as if I know them personally.’

‘Wow, what can I say about this book, brilliant from page one, thanks Lindsey Hutchinson!’

‘I absolutely loved the hat girl and pray there is a sequel to it. Such a wonderful story, full of love and trials. More please.’

‘Loved this book from page one , couldn’t put it down , definitely recommend and it’s five stars from me.’

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