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Publication date: October 15, 2019


ISBN: 9781838894351
RRP: £


ISBN: 9781838894382
RRP: £1.99

Audiobook (digital download)

ISBN: 9781838894344
RRP: £12.99

Audiobook (CD)

ISBN: 9781838894313
RRP: £

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Under pressure.
Under threat.

When you’re working undercover the smallest mistake can cost you your life.

Detective Constable Bailey Morgan has been out of the undercover game since the last job went horribly wrong, leaving her with scars both inside and out.

When her best friend Alice is murdered while working undercover in a women’s prison Bailey steps up to replace her.

Working alone, Bailey embarks on a dangerous quest through the murky underbelly of the prison where she soon discovers that Alice’s death was part of a spate of brutal murders. Surrounded on all sides by criminals and lowlifes, God help her if any of them find out she’s a copper…

Illicit drug trafficking, prison gangs and corruption are just some of the things she’s up against… and behind it all lurks a sinister and terrifying secret that will truly test her abilities to survive.