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The Last Wife

J A Baker

The next gripping thriller from best-selling author J.A. Baker!

Welcome to Winters End…

Winters End should have been the perfect place for me and my husband Neil to start again. To leave the terrible secrets and guilt of our past far behind us.

But from the moment we arrived in the small, isolated community, it becomes clear to me that we are not welcome here. That someone wants us to leave…

I’m certain that everyone knows our secrets – knows who we really are. But how can that be?

Perhaps it’s my mind playing tricks on me. Just like before.

I know Neil thinks I’m paranoid. My thoughts spiralling. Again.

If only I had someone else to talk to. Another woman to confide in.

And that’s when I realise something far more terrifying.

I am the only wife at Winters End…and I could be the last…

Don’t miss the brand-new thriller by J.A. Baker! Perfect for fans of Sue Watson, Valerie Keogh and K.L. Slater.

What people are saying about J.A. Baker…

‘Superbly written with a cast of crazy characters who will make you look differently at your co-workers from now on.’ Bestselling author Valerie Keogh

‘Fast-paced, riveting thriller. Gripped until the last page!’ Bestselling author Diana Wilkinson

‘A twisty, creepy story expertly told. Perfect for reading on dark winter evenings…with the doors double-locked and bolted. Highly recommended!’ Bestselling author Amanda James

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