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The Life You Left Behind

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‘A warm, uplifting story about love and loss . . . but beware, you’ll need a big box of tissues!’ Clare Swatman, author of Before We Grow Old

Two strangers.

One missed flight.

It only takes a moment to change a life.

One year ago Casey Cassidy was happy. She had great friends, a wonderful teaching job and a busy life – until with one missed flight, everything changes.

One year later Casey knows what it means to find that once-in-a-lifetime love people dream of. But when Ben leaves, her heart is shattered.

Left facing a year of firsts without him, piecing her life back together seems impossible. But then a friend offers her a home in rural France.

In the solitude and emptiness, Casey needs to come to terms with what’s happened and find a way to move forward. She has no idea where that will take her one year later…

What readers are saying about The Life You Left Behind:

‘A powerful, emotional, and life-affirming story of love and hope’ Rachael Lucas

‘The writing was INCREDIBLE! I’ve never highlighted so many sections of a book before, but there were just so many beautifully written passages that I knew I indeed to save to come back to’ Shan _treatyoshelves_

‘Still crying. I do not think any other book touched me so much’ itsallaboutbooksandmacarons

‘I really loved this book. It’s one I’ll never forget’

‘That was absolutely beautiful. Heart-breaking but beautiful’ mrsbookburnee

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