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Love Is A Four-Letter Word

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Sex. Yes. She remembered that.

Wasn’t that the thing that happened somewhere between the talking-and-going-out-to-dinner bit and the sobbing-and-eating-too-many-biscuits bit? Still, Bella was sure she could handle some -preferably before her as yet unopened packet of condoms reached their expiry date. She must be practically a virgin again by now, all sealed over like pierced ears if you don’t wear earrings for too long.

But the ‘L’ word? Uh-huh. No way. She never wanted to hear it again. There were things in her past which needed to be put well away, like the 27 boxes of clutter she’d brought from her old flat. And having changed her job, her town, her entire life – the one thing she wasn’t about to change was her mind.

What readers are saying about Love is a Four-Letter Word

‘After I finished, I immediately flipped it over and started reading parts of it again.’

‘The shock within the book was a complete tearjerker and I thoroughly sympathised.’

‘Like all the best comic novelists, Calman crams her perky narrative with a host of highly diverting characters to surround her beleaguered heroine.’

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