Publication date: February 1, 2021


ISBN: 9781838896072
RRP: £ 21.99

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It takes courage to follow your heart

After twenty years of contentedly playing the role of home-maker and mother, Frances Copeland’s life is shattered by the sudden death of her husband. With no career to fall back on and her son and daughter leaving home, the solitude of bereavement hits particularly hard.

When new love beckons, in the form of a handsome young man fifteen years her junior, Frances is torn. She longs to open her heart again but does not dare to trust her feelings. Turning to her closest friends for help, she is met by a wall of judgemental attitudes and envy.

Distracted by the predicament, her fragile confidence wavering, she fails to observe the crises spiraling out of control in the lives of her two children. A sudden tragic accident brings her to her senses, but it may already be too late. Not even the strongest love cannot sit around for ever.

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