Publication date: September 7, 2020


ISBN: 9781800485471
RRP: £ 8.99


ISBN: 9781800485518
RRP: £ 1.99

Mothers and Daughters

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When life demands that you make a choice, how do you know you are making the right one?

Tabitha Thomas gave up on a happy family life with Michael her absent, high-flying husband long ago. Instead, she pooled all her energies into their daughter, Rosie, and her career as headteacher at a local primary school.
However, trouble is looming all around her. Unbeknown to Tabitha, Rosie is having a crisis of confidence with the most important exams of her life and best friend, Clodagh, a top TV news broadcaster, is being edged out by an ambitious younger model. And Tabitha’s eco-warrior mother is protesting outside the school over a development.But a decision Tabitha made a long time ago which changed the entire course of her life resurfaces when a new teacher at the school turns out to be her first love.

A beautiful family drama, full of love, life and destiny. Perfect for the fans of Alice Peterson and Dani Atkins.