Publication date: July 23, 2020


ISBN: 9781800480315
RRP: £ 21.99


ISBN: 9781800480339
RRP: £ 2.99

Murder at the Castle

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Libby Forest is hot on the trail of the killer when disaster strikes closer to home.

The sudden death of an elderly volunteer at Dunster Castle rocks the Castle’s ancient calm to its core leaving members of the local History Society devastated. When the finger is pointed at a fellow volunteer, his wife Margery fears her husband of forty years may be the killer.
Libby Forest, in partnership with Max Ramshore and their two much-loved dogs, Bear and Shipley are determined to find the castle killer – no matter who it may be.
Quirky characters, dogs, cake and gossip abound in this Exham-on-Sea Murder Mystery, set in a charming English seaside town of Exham-on-Sea – a book for readers who love Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries, cosy crime, dogs, cake and chocolate.

1. Murder at the Lighthouse
2. Murder on the Levels
3. Murder on the Tor
4. Murder at the Cathedral
5. Murder at the Bridge
6. Murder at the Castle
7. Murder at the Gorge
8. Murder at the Abbey

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What readers are saying about the series:

‘This is a perfect short, cozy mystery.’

‘It makes you wonder if English country villages are safe places to live. But I certainly would given half a chance.’

‘Frances Evesham has invented an array of lively village personalities to get in Libby’s way from her Goth teenage lodger to the pompous chair of the women’s group or the rude but kindly garage proprietor.’

‘With every book, I grow more fond of Libby and Exham.’

‘If you like Miss Marple this amateur sleuth will enthral you.’

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