Publication date: May 11, 2020


ISBN: 9781800480230
RRP: £8.99


ISBN: 9781800480261
RRP: £ 2.99

Murder at the Cathedral

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Could your best friend be a killer?

When a body is discovered in Wells Cathedral Library, Libby Forest’s best friend Angela Miles becomes the prime suspect.
The last thing Libby needs is another investigation. but with the help of Bear, the beloved Carpathian Sheepdog, and her partner, Max Ramshore, Libby’s determined to uncover the murderer and clear her friend’s name.
If you love murder mysteries, cosy crime, dogs, craft and chocolate, you’ll enjoy this instalment in the fun series of whodunnits set in Exham-on-Sea, a small English seaside town, full of quirky charm and eccentric inhabitants.

1. Murder at the Lighthouse
2. Murder on the Levels
3. Murder on the Tor
4. Murder at the Cathedral
5. Murder at the Bridge
6. Murder at the Castle
7. Murder at the Gorge
8. Murder at the Abbey

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Here’s what readers are saying about the series:

‘This is a perfect short, cosy mystery.’

‘It makes you wonder if English country villages are safe places to live. But I certainly would given half a chance.’

‘With every book, I grow more fond of Libby and Exham; this time it already felt like coming home.’

‘If you like Miss Marple this amateur sleuth will enthral you.’

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