Publication date: December 3, 2022


ISBN: 9781804830765
RRP: £ 9.99


ISBN: 9781804830741
RRP: £ 1.99

Audiobook (digital download)

ISBN: 9781804830802
RRP: £14.99

Murder in the Manger

When Sophie Sayers’ plans for a cozy English country Christmas are interrupted by the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, her troubles are only just beginning. Before long, the whole village stands accused of murder.

Damian says he’s come to direct the village Nativity play, but Sophie thinks he’s up to no good. What are those noises coming from his van? Who is the stranger lurking in the shadows? And whose baby, abandoned in the manger, disappears in plain sight?

Enjoy the fun of a traditional Cotswold festive season, as Sophie seeks a happy ending for her latest village mystery – and for her new romance with charming local bookseller Hector Munro.

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