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Pre-order the BRAND NEW gritty gangland thriller from Gillian Godden!

Is the Diamond reign over?

Head of the Diamond family, Patsy is determined to make a success of husband Nick’s gangland empire – whatever the cost. Nick was ruthless and cold-blooded, but he built a legacy that Patsy wants to protect.

So when a mysterious woman from Nick’s past turns up claiming to be Patsy’s new business partner, she senses trouble. Karen Duret demands Patsy’s help, but it comes with a catch. If Patsy refuses, Karen threatens to expose the Diamond family’s darkest secrets…

Patsy needs the help of her trusted allies more than ever, but when a rival gang start a turf war, the stakes suddenly become deadly.

Torn between loyalties, Patsy knows that blood will be spilled. And as battle commences, the question on everyone’s lips is – who will be crowned the queen of diamonds?

What people are saying about Gillian Godden!

‘A gritty powerful story. A must read for fans of gangland crime.’ Bestselling author Kerry Kaya.

‘Characters were so real I’m still looking over my shoulder! Bestselling author Owen Mullen

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