Publication date: February 24, 2023


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The Ragged Orphan

When 12 year-old Jared Johnson’s little sister dies, just hours after his mother breathes her last after wasting away so her children could eat, he knows he is on own. 

Desperate to avoid the workhouse, he does everything he can to survive the inhospitable streets of Birmingham. Jared is blessed with the gift of the gab and soon attracts the attention of the King of the Tatters, Toby McGuire. Recognising a kindred spirit, Toby soon has Jared out on a cart hustling for rags.

Jared loves driving his horse Bess, shouting ‘any old rags’ as loud as he can, and it’s not long before he’s thriving. But being successful can bring you enemies as well as friends. Toby knows that Jared is destined for bigger things – provided his big mouth doesn’t get him hurt first…

The top 10 best-seller is back with an unforgettable story about an unforgettable boy. Heart-breaking and heart-warming, fans of Katie Flynn, Val Wood and Lyn Andrews will fall in love with this latest page-turner from Lindsey Hutchinson.

What readers are saying about Lindsey Hutchinson:

‘Couldn’t put this book down. Brilliant story with many sad bits, but lovely happy ending. I would thoroughly recommend this book.’ 

‘What a fabulous book from Lindsey again. She never disappoints. Read in 2 days it really is unputdownable! Can’t wait for the next one as I know it will be another cracker.’

‘It’s a while since I didn’t want a book to end. I absolutely loved this story as I have all of this author’s books. She can’t write fast enough for me, every book has been as lovely as the last and as usual I can’t wait for the next.’

‘Oh my goodness, I fell in love with each and everyone of the characters, except Edith, am glad to say she got her just rewards. Lindsey, you make them so loveable and real. Read it in 2 days. Brilliant!!!’

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