Publication date: January 14, 2021


ISBN: 9781838896164
RRP: £ 21.99

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‘This book, about deep and complex family love from this accomplished author, is told with true passion’ Family Circle

Relative Love is a heart-rending story of loss and love, covering one year in the lives of the Harrison family, a sprawling clan doing their best to hold together in the face of a changing world. The story opens as the Harrisons gather for Christmas at their big country house. But when tragedy strikes, of the most unforeseeable and devastating kind, they are torn apart. Harsh truths emerge, about the past as well as the present, laying bare the fragility of their happiness and all that they have taken for granted.

Praise for Amanda Brookfield:

‘There should have been a trumpet fanfare when this book was launched, for Amanda Brookfield is, surely, the queen of the relationship novel. I have read (and enjoyed) all her previous books but this one is – in my opinion – the best. It is the story of how apparently even secure relationships can fall apart. Is there a happy ending? I’m not going to spoil your enjoyment by saying another thing. Just buy and read and enjoy this splendid book.’

‘I savoured every second of this deeply satisfying book. Amanda Brookfield goes from strength to strength’Patricia Scanlon

‘Few contemporary British novelists writing today explore the messy tangles of close human relationships with quite such warm perceptiveness as Brookfield’ Daily Mirror

‘What is refreshing here is the author’s conspicuous sanity and her sharp line in defence of reason… It could be sentimental, but it isn’t.’ Guardian

‘Penetrating insights into the ordinary female condition’ Woman’s Own

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