Publication date: June 26, 2023


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Summer at Forget-Me-Not Cottage

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Welcome back to Little Woodville.

Visit old friends and new in this super, summer escapist read.

Morgan Rosewood finds herself at a crossroads in her life after returning home to Forget-Me-Not Cottage to care for her ailing mother. She and boyfriend Ronan, had plans, big plans, but all these hopes and dreams are put on hold when Morgan’s mum suddenly dies.
Morgan’s emotions are in turmoil but she sets about the task of clearing the house and running her late mother’s vintage market stall.

Nate Greene has his own reasons for staying away from Little Woodville. Nate needs to reconcile his past and tackle the long overdue task of decluttering the place he once loved – his abandoned wood workshop, filled to the brim with his creations.
He secures a stall at the local market to showcase his wares and it isn’t long before the workshop reignites the passion he once shared with a special person.

Thrown together Morgan and Nate have their own personal battles to overcome.
Can the beautiful little Cotswold village teach two lost souls what matters,
and more importantly, will it give them each something they didn’t come here for? Love…

A wonderful story of coming to terms with loss, learning to love, family and village life from bestselling author Helen Rolfe.

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