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Summer in Andalucía

‘Beautifully written, comforting and utterly uplifting, Lucy Coleman’s stories are the perfect tonic when life is a little grey.’ Holly Martin

Lainey Summers feels blessed to have her dream job writing for a renowned foodie magazine. And the day she goes to interview chef Rick Oliver at his new restaurant—Aleatory—in London’s popular Piccadilly, is the start of an unexpected journey.

When Rick is offered the opportunity to jet off to a monastery in Andalucía, to film a cookery competition for Spanish TV, Lainey goes too, to cover the story.

Spending a month filming in the stunning Spanish countryside, soaking up the sights, sounds, smells and of course the cuisine, Lainey and Rick start to enjoy each other’s company. But their time together flies by too quickly, and before they know it, Rick and Lainey have to face going their separate ways.

With both their worlds shifting beneath them, the call of Andalucia and the call of happiness grows ever stronger. But with everything at stake, will they be able to take the chance of a happy-ever-after…

Let Lucy Coleman whisk you off on a sun-baked, life-affirming, total escape to beautiful Andalucia.  

What readers are saying about Lucy Coleman’s novels:

‘I really adored this beautiful story. Lucy Coleman’s writing is as breathtakingly beautiful and descriptive as ever, it didn’t fail to hold me captive.’

‘I am completely captivated and enchanted by her beautiful prose and her flair in storytelling, and this book won’t be my last for sure!’

‘A new Lucy Coleman novel never fails to brighten up my day.’

‘An escapist, enjoyable and emotional tale written with plenty of heart.’

‘How many times can I say I absolutely love Lucy’s books!’

‘Lucy Coleman is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors… She seems to have a way of making you feel as though you’ve been transported into her book and you’re right there experiencing it all with the characters.’

‘I am definitely a huge fan of this author and this is another magical story which is highly deserving of five stars.’

‘Some books stay with you after you finish reading and for me this was one of those books.’

‘Another truly wonderful book from this author that always manages to make me smile.’

‘This one had me hooked, I was able to switch off and escape to a beautiful setting.’


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