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The Variety Girls

A brand new series full of friendship, singing and laughter as war looms…

Cleethorpes 1939
With the country teetering on the brink of war everyone faces an uncertain future.
Destitute after the tragic death of her father, aspiring singer Jessie Delaney and her family have no choice other than to accept the charity of relatives to ensure a roof over their heads.
Spiteful Aunt Iris soon has Jessie dreaming of a life filled with colour and excitement that she knows the theatre can offer. How can Jessie escape the drudgery, support her family and pursue her dreams?
Through her father’s connections Jessie finds work as a Variety Girl in a new show at the Empire in Cleethorpes, a small seaside theatre on the east coast. But taking the job means flying solo and leaving her family and her sweetheart, Harry behind.
Friendships are forged but will the glamour of show business lose its shine without those she loves close by?
A gritty and heart-warming saga perfect for readers of Elaine Everest, Nancy Revell and Pam Howes.

Praise for Tracy Baines:

‘A charming, heart-warming saga about ambition, hard work and courage in the cut and thrust of a world often driven by jealousy and spite’. Rosie Clarke
‘Immerse yourself in the exciting, evocative world of Wartime musical theatre. I highly recommend this book.’ Fenella Miller
‘An emotional, entertaining read that had me gripped!’ Sheila Riley
‘An absorbing and poignant saga. I loved it from the very beginning and would highly recommend it…’ Elaine Roberts
‘Terrific – beautifully written. The book twinkles. A well-crafted and satisfying story’ Maisie Thomas
‘A pleasure from start to finish.’ Glenda Young
‘…you will have to read this well-researched song and dance of a novel in great gulps as I did’ Annie Clark
‘I just loved this book! Molly Walton
The Variety Girls is terrific – beautifully written & with an unusual background. The stage costumes twinkle with sequins and the book twinkles with tiny details of theatre life that add depth and atmosphere to this well-crafted and satisfying story. Maisie Thomas, The Railway Girls
‘A pleasure from start to finish.’ Glenda Young, Belle of the Backstreets
‘…you will have to read this well-researched song and dance of a novel in great gulps as I did’ Milly Adams
‘an evocative, busy, entertaining read, which has well balanced touches of humour, vying with angst, and of course, more than a dollop of tension.’ Margaret Graham, Frost Magazine
‘Characterisation is one of the book’s strong points – the individual characters stay in your mind long after you finish the story.’ Barbara Dynes, The Voice

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