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A Wartime Wife

Bristol 1939
At forty years of age, Mary Anne Randall still turns heads. With an abusive husband spending most of his wages on beer, she has resigned herself to be the sole breadwinner to protect her family and keep the wolves from the door.
In order to make ends meet Mary Anne runs a pawnbroking business from the wash house at the end of the garden.
Following the outbreak of war an opportunity presents itself to escape her loveless marriage and find true love.
Will she take that chance, or carry on living just for her children and not for herself?

Read the sequal A Wartime Family.

Praise for Lizzie Lane:

‘A gripping saga and a storyline that will keep you hooked’ Rosie Goodwin

‘The Tobacco Girls is another heartwarming tale of love and friendship and a must-read for all saga fans.’ Jean Fullerton

‘Lizzie Lane opens the door to a past of factory girls, redolent with life-affirming friendship, drama, and choices that are as relevant today as they were then.’ Catrin Collier

‘If you want an exciting, authentic historical saga then look no further than Lizzie Lane.’ Fenella J Miller

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