Publication date: March 18, 2021


ISBN: 9781838898991
RRP: £ 8.99


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RRP: £ 2.99

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A perfect sunny day, a family celebration, a heart-stopping hour that changes everything…

Dana has all she ever wanted – a husband she loves, her four-year-old daughter Kelsey who is the apple of her eye, and another baby on the way to complete her perfect family.

But then the worst fear that Dana has, comes true, and everything she thought she knew, she now starts to doubt. As her world comes crashing around her, who can Dana trust?  

Her husband Logan who seems to be getting worryingly close to Dana’s best friend Pippa?

Her new friend Melanie who has a sinister habit of turning up in the strangest places?

Her parents and her sister, who Dana knows are keeping a terrible secret from her?

Matt, who says he’s Dana’s friend, but sometimes she’s not so sure?

Or will Dana discover that it’s a dangerous mistake to trust anyone…

Join Kirsty Ferguson on this heart-stopping, plot-twisting, roller coaster read, perfect for fans of Shari Lapena and Adele Parks.  

What readers are saying about Kirsty Ferguson’s novels:

’I absolutely flipping well loved reading ‘Never Ever Tell’’

’A brilliant exploration of twisted family ties, the lengths we go to to protect the people we love and the evil repercussions of dangerous decisions, from a storyteller who knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats.’

’An emotional read with an ending you won’t see coming.’

’I loved it and will definitely look out for more of her work. Five stars from me.’

’The ended was far from anything I was expecting. I was completely shocked and don’t think there was anything that I could’ve read that would’ve made me figure it out….even a little.’

’This was my first Kirsty Ferguson book and I totally loved it.’

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