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Cousins Valerie and Toni McVay have been best friends forever, and when you’re a McVay you need all the friends you can get.

When Toni’s twelfth birthday is marred by a terrible crime, the wicked path of the girls looks set. A decade later, the McVay family aren’t the unstoppable force they once were in the Glaswegian criminal underworld but Frankie McVay, the up-and-coming prince, is determined to restore the family to its former glory by whatever means necessary.  And the whole family are expected to help.

His sister Toni shares her brother’s blood lust but Valerie dreams of a quieter life, and when she meets and falls in love with Seb, as straight as Frankie is bent, as kind as Frankie is wicked, Val sees her way out.

Can she escape a family that is determined to own the city, and to keep Valerie firmly in their violent grasp? And will Toni ever let her best friend Val turn her back on the bloody secret they have shared for all these years…

Heather Atkinson is back with a treat for all gangland fans. If you love Kimberley Chambers, and Jessie Keane, you’ll love Wicked Girls, and readers of Heather’s Gallowburn series can look forward to bumping into some old friends… 

What readers are saying about Heather Atkinson:

‘Another brilliant book from Heather…she really is one the best in the business’

‘I have read ALL Heather Atkinson’s books. They are all fantastic’

‘All Heather’s books are action packed and have you on edge’

‘I stumbled upon Heather’s books and I’m so glad I did, characters excellent and storylines are great, I find myself searching the book stores for more of them to read the minute I finish one’

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