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Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes is a love story… but it’s about more than romantic love

Today is publication day for the refreshed version of Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes. Originally an indie release from October 2017, this book has gone through a massive make-over. It has been edited and extended but the point of view has also been changed from third to first person to immerse the reader even more strongly in Carly’s life. I’m so thrilled with the result.

It is a love story but, like all my books, it’s about so much more than romantic love.

It’s the love between sisters…

With an eight-year age gap, Carly has always been very protective of her younger sister, Bethany. After Bethany experiences a traumatic incident at work earlier in the year, Carly offers her a job at Carly’s Cupcakes. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep her sister safe, help re-build her lost confidence and, of course, have an extra pair of hands to meet the increasing customer demand for cakes.

It’s the love for a business…

Carly’s Cupcakes means the world to Carly and she’s so proud of how her business has grown. When Bethany turns out to be more of a hindrance than a help, Carly faces a dilemma about saving her business or saving her sister.

I know readers will find Bethany frustrating at times and be screaming at Carly to sack her and free herself of the drama – like Carly’s best friend Tara advises – but it’s more complicated than that. Could you sack your sister if you knew it would destroy her?

It’s the love between friends…

Carly has always valued the advice that Tara, owner of the café next door – The Chocolate Pot – has given her since she set up Carly’s Cupcakes. Although she may not agree with Tara’s advice about how to deal with Bethany, she is grateful for her counsel on how to approach another dilemma she’s facing.

It’s the love for the person who has always been there…

Carly and Liam have been best friends since senior school but Carly’s feelings for Liam run deeper than that and she has always feared revealing this in case it jeopardises their friendship. When he returns to Whitsborough Bay from a tour in Afghanistan, she wonders whether she can take Tara’s advice and go for it … just in case there’s any chance he feels the same.

It’s the love of Christmas…

Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes is set purely in the month of December and captures the run-up to Christmas. With festive lights, snow, and a Christmas wedding, there’s plenty to immerse readers in the season.

It’s the love of cakes…

Mmm. Cakes. Yes, there’s lots of cakes and you’re probably going to be craving them. Writing this book made me very hungry!

I hope you enjoy your trip to Castle Street and, if want to know what happens next for Carly, Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Café is out on 8th September but available for pre-order now. It picks up where Christmas at Carly’s Cupcakes ends and, although it’s Tara’s story, Carly features strongly.

Big hugs

Jessica xx

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