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Christmas For Me by Rosie Clarke

As a child it was always about decorations hanging from the ceiling, a sparkly tree and presents on the end of the bed.  My mother loved Christmas and her anticipation made us excited.  She loved opening presents as much as giving them and always kept even the smallest thing secret from us children.

When I was older, I became much more aware of carols and the meaning of Christmas. I liked attending church on Christmas Day before I was married. For me now many years on Christmas Eve carols is something I never miss.  It is the start of a quiet, peaceful Christmas, always at home these days.  Presents. A tree and lots of cards are still lovely to have but mean less to me than they did to Mum.  She retained an excitement all her life and I remember her pleasure when she was given something really nice.

For me the company of the person I love most warmth, health and being together is all that matters.  See the family before the day and deliver the gifts and then look forward to a delicious dinner and Strictly on the TV 😊

I’m not the best cook in the world but I do like to make almond tarts, sausage rolls and mince pies at Christmas.  Everything else is delivered from M&S or Sainsbury’s.  The turkey is always good though – and not dry as they say on Dad’s Army a hundred times.  I fill it with oranges and apples and make separate stuffing to eat.  It seems to work…


Happy Christmas to my readers, publishers, editors, agent and friends 😉


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