One Year Later


Christine had kept herself out of the papers after Jed’s birthday until the fuss had died down, and being the media, it hadn’t taken long before something else caught their magpie eye. She’d just had the most enormous wedding to an oil billionaire from Texas known for his love of parties, entertaining and the high life. The opposite of Jed, and exactly what Christine needed. How long the marriage would last was another matter, but I wished her well and hoped that she finally had found whatever it was she was looking for.

Our own wedding had been a far smaller affair in a country church in the village I’d moved to when I’d left London.

It had turned out to be a lovely area and Jed and I had bought a cottage there with a huge, rambling garden filled with the scent of honeysuckle and roses. We split our time between the cottage and London, and it was the perfect contrast. My parents, having been persuaded by Henry, me and Jed, had continued their jaunt around the world but had now finally returned home and were over the moon to hear that, not only were Jed and I back together, but that I was wearing the most beautiful Tiffany diamond engagement ring and the wedding was in a few short months’ time. We figured we’d wasted enough time. Jed’s mum told us it was about time and that she’d never doubted us for a moment – but had offered up a few extra prayers to speed things along, just in case.

The piece about Jed for Male had been incredibly popular – even if it was handed in a day late – we’d got a little distracted before finishing the interview… I’d told a bit of a fib and mentioned I’d had laptop issues, but once the news of our engagement was out, which with Jed being one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, hadn’t taken long, I knew my editor didn’t believe a word of it. He’d just nodded, grinned and told me to make sure he got an invite to the wedding. Which, of course, he did. I loved the people I worked with now and never worked with anyone I didn’t feel a connection with. Having that choice, I knew from experience, was a real privilege and one I would never take for granted.

My first novel did pretty well and I was thrilled that I’d finally followed that dream and written one, and that people seemed to like it. I was even more thrilled when the second, released yesterday, went straight into the bestseller lists. My mind was still spinning at the email I’d just read from my agent informing me that Netflix were now interested in optioning it!

Things were still, most definitely, looking up.