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Who Do You Trust? and why families are sometimes the biggest liars of all.

Kirsty Ferguson


Each family may differ slightly but is fundamentally the same. All families have secrets, things that we’d rather hide from one another for various reasons. We fight, we yell, we exchange words we wished we hadn’t, we keep those secrets, or we share those secrets. It makes you wonder where the line in the sand is or if there is one at all.

What if you found out that your loved ones had been keeping a secret from you for close to forty years? Would you be able to forgive and forget? To accept apologies and move on like nothing had happened? Or would you harbour resentment against those who claim to love you, yet kept something so personal from you?

This is just one of many questions faced by protagonist Dana O’Connor, when she confronts her issues head on, she must make a choice, hate and never forget or forgive and try to move forward. But life never gives us just one hard decision to make, one hard period in your life, there are many trials to face, many battles to be fought. The question is, do you have the strength to fight them?

What if you, like Dana, were trying to work through the path of forgiveness or wrath when the worst thing that could happen to a parent happened to you. What if your child tragically died and you wondered if it was your fault? Would you forgive yourself? A mother’s love is a powerful thing, something that can be used for good or evil. In Who Do You Trust? Dana and her husband Logan face every parent’s worst nightmare when their daughter Kelsey dies unexpectedly. An accident that breaks Dana’s already bruised heart. The question she asks herself, as anyone would, am I to blame?

Loving someone completely means opening yourself up to pain, but how much pain can one person endure, and will that pain ever lessen? Will you ever see the light at the end of the seemingly never-ending tunnel? And if you do, will you like what you find?

There are many themes running through this book, love, loss, heartache, guilt, betrayal, take your pick, and each person in the story is hiding something, so who can Dana trust when everyone is lying? Who can she turn to in a world that has seemingly gone crazy?

One night I was walking past the TV and the news was playing in the background and I caught a snippet of it. ‘Family members distraught after young girl struck and killed at family BBQ.’ It got me thinking about how each individual of the core family unit would handle a devastating accident that took away a beloved young family member. So I sat down at my desk, put on some music and I started writing. The story didn’t quite take the path I had expected, I was led down many different avenues of thought before finally realising exactly where I wanted it to go. Who Do You Trust? isn’t a simple story of loss and betrayal, no, it is more than that. Wrapped up in the workings of a psychological thriller, it is also a story about acceptance and giving yourself permission to be happy, whatever shape that may take and no matter who you are.

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