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Heroic Cats and the inspiration for A Date to Die For by E.V. Hunter
Those of you who have read books written by me as Evie Hunter or Wendy Soliman will be well aware of my love for animals. I don’t think any of the 100 or more books I’ve written have failed to have an animal in a starring role. Horses and dogs feature prominently.
In a departure from my norm readers of the first in the Hopgood Hall series, A Date to Die For, will meet Cosmo, the anti-social feral cat who adopted my heroine, Alexi, and appointed himself as her guardian.
Unrealistic? To ensure that I wasn’t getting too fanciful I did a spot of research and discovered accounts relating to a whole raft of heroic moggies. This is Tom’s story.
Dogs have long been trained to detect things no human can sense. They have even been put to work in medicine where a dog’s nose can pick up the chemical signatures of diseases as diverse as Parkinson’s, Malaria, and Cancer. Training a cat is much harder but sometimes our feline friends can spontaneously show this amazing ability.
Sue McKenzie had spent twenty years living with a cat called Tom who very rarely showed her any affection. One day however Tom began to repeatedly bat at the back of Sue’s neck, meowing loudly. Worried that her elderly cat was showing signs of an illness she took him to the vet. When the vet found nothing wrong with Tom it was suggested that maybe Sue was the one who needed help.
A scan revealed a cancerous lump. The doctors successfully treated Sue but sternly advised her always to listen to her cat.
I rest my case!
Watch out for more heroic cat stories on the release of the second book in this series, A Contest to Kill For. 🐈‍⬛ In the meantime you can start reading A Date to Die For and fall in love with Cosmo here: 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
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