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In Christmas 2021, I received a Christmas card from one of my lovely neighbours. Here’s a picture of the card.

This was the first card that I received that year, and I placed it upon my writing bureau where every day it caught my eye. As I pondered who lived in the cottages on the hills, and who the fishing boats belonged to, I wished that I could see inside the windows of the lighthouse and couldn’t stop thinking about who lived there and what was behind that blue front door.

It was almost as if the fictional harbourside/seaside town began to form and come to life before me. I could hear the metal halyards on the boats clinking like windchimes, and the constant call of the gulls as they climbed and dived above the shimmering turquoise sea and the gentle waves lapping at the shore. The sounds of children giggling as they were playing games on the golden sands and the barking of dogs, having such fun playing catch were noises that we continually interrupting my thoughts.

Meredith, the main character from Hopeful Hearts at the Cornish Cove, popped into my head one day and refused to leave, urging me to write her story.

I could see her sitting, contemplating life, scouring the internet for dream properties (as you do – oh please don’t say it’s just me!). Feeling brave, and maybe one glass of wine too many, she put it in ridiculous offer and clicked! WHICH WAS THEN ACCEPTED!

This was the most spontaneous thing she’d ever done and because she was at a stage in her life where she knew she needed to make some major changes, she puts on her big girl pants and heads off to the village of Driftwood Bay in Cornwall to start her new life.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? I’d love to hear about it and whether it was a success. Please do leave a comment below.

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