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I love writing books with a strong sense of the season, and my favourite season is the spring, so I really enjoyed writing this one! The story takes place in the early part of the spring, when the Cotswold countryside is filled with a succession of cheery flowers, from snowdrops and crocuses to daffodils and wild garlic.

I also had some fun with the notion of the Easter Bunny, introducing a wily old lady nicknamed Bunny because she had so many children. In her old age, cared for by her dissolute daughter, she is taking pleasure in teasing the pesky Mrs Petunia Lot, persistent fundraiser for a local charity, Cats Prevention (their mission is to neuter all cats!).

You’ll also find familiar favourite characters here, including Carol, the eccentric shopkeeper; the elderly Billy, the almost-retired odd-job man; teenage tearaway Tommy and his sparky sister Sina; plus of course amateur sleuth Sophie Sayers and her boyfriend/boss, the handsome Hector, proprietor of the local bookshop. Not to mention any number of cats, including Sophie’s new kitten… They are all waiting to welcome you to another cozy Cotswold village mystery!

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