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Isle of Wight inspiration behind ‘The House Party’ – Mary Grand

The Isle of Wight is place of extraordinary beauty, dark skies, stunning beaches and gentle downland. It can feel remote, isolated, and as you travel on the ferry there is a feeling of leaving the rest of the world behind.

The inspiration for The House Party came while I was out walking, and the novel is soaked in the atmosphere that makes the island unique. The people in “The House Party” are all fictitious, but the story is set on the ‘real’ island with many recognisable landmarks mentioned.  Beth lives in “Castleford”, whose geography is similar to the village of Carisbrooke. Places featured include Carisbrooke Castle, St Mary’s church, as well as Tennyson Down, Shepherd’s Chine, the prison, the hospital, and my favourite place of all, Mottistone Down.