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Seizing moments ✨ A blog post by Debbie Howells Author, inspired by her brand new novel The Girl I Used to Be!
I’ve always been the biggest advocate that we should follow our dreams. Sometimes it’s easier than others – and some dreams take time to manifest. But at the heart of that is a desire not to let time pass me by. This is my life, after all… and for me, risk is preferable to having regrets.
That said, I try to focus on the now; to keep myself grounded in the present; to feel connected with nature and savour what surrounds me. Friends and family; the many shades of blue in the clearest of skies – or the drama of one that’s heavy with storm clouds. It can be the sound of birdsong; a dazzling sunrise and the start of a brand new day; the first of the spring flowers or the changing colours of autumn leaves. It’s also trying to stay present in my head: tomorrow will be what it will, but right now, I have everything that I need.
Then sometimes, moments come our way. Those one-offs, such as opportunities, people, adventures; that in some shape or form, offer the unfamiliar, or maybe a sense of freedom you didn’t know you were craving. They set your mind wondering, fill you with excitement. They probably also challenge you – enough to start pushing you oh-so-gently out of your comfort zone, which isn’t always so easy. Of course, you can always say no. There’s nothing wrong with your life as it is, you say. It’s taken some time to make it that way.
There’s nothing wrong with saying no. But what if you didn’t – if you said yes? Perhaps in some small, almost indefinable way that you’d rather not admit to yourself, you feel that you’re missing something. Maybe buried somewhere deep inside, you have a nagging sense that something isn’t right. Maybe you have this deep aching weariness; or while you weren’t watching, the spark you used to have has somehow fizzled out.
Or maybe your life is already glorious! And we’re all different. I think it’s a lot about joy – feeling it in the moment, and finding it in the simplest of pleasures, such as damp grass under our bare feet, or running into the sea and the feeling of shock as the cold takes your breath away. It can be sitting under a tree and soaking up the peacefulness; time with friends; laughter. Whatever it takes to reignite your spark, do it!
Sometimes that’s about facing your fears and taking a leap into the unknown. You’re not sure what lies ahead, but something inside you is telling you, you have to do this. To risk judgement or failure, rather than find yourself with regrets.
We have this life once. We owe it to ourselves to make it our best one.

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