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Like Elizabeth Dewhurst, the heroine of THE WEEKEND, most of us grow up in normal houses, with very normal families. I personally grew up in a mining village. A terraced house, that didn’t have a real indoor bathroom until I was around four years old and even then, we struggled to heat the hot water and had an open fire that had to be lit, even in the summer. I remember lying in bed, with so many blankets I could barely move but with no upstairs radiators, it was always cold and during the winter, I can clearly remember wiping ice from the inside of bedroom windows.

Elizabeth, my heroine, grew up in a terraced house similar to mine and after falling in love with Thomas Kirkwood, she finds herself venturing into a world much different to the one she knows. A place where she feels like an imposter, as though she doesn’t belong and each day, she finds it harder to understand all the happenings around her. Especially when everything she says or does is criticised, analysed, or judged. She’s young and indecisive. She wears all the wrong clothes. But desperately, she wants to be a part of this family. Much to the annoyance of Thomas’s mother, Ada Kirkwood who doesn’t want her son dating a girl like her.

During her time at the Manor, Elizabeth gets to know all of Thomas’s friends. She quickly realises how each and every one of them could easily be enemies. And no matter how many parties Thomas has, all at the expense of his parents, he never quite works out that each of his friends has a very good reason to want him dead.

The Weekend is a story of friends becoming enemies. It shows the way people can quite easily turn against the other. How their personalities change. And how each of them has both a good and a bad side, that they can switch between at a moment’s notice.

The story begins with Elizabeth returning to the Manor. It’s the last thing she ever wanted to do. But deep inside, she hopes that by attending Thomas’s memorial, she can unlock the past. The memories she’s kept locked away since the day she left. What she doesn’t realise is that the memorial is nothing more than a reunion to catch a killer. Another way of analysing what she does, and what she says. And Thomas’s mother, Ada, has made it her dying wish that she will find out who killed her son.

The problem is, not everyone will survive THE WEEKEND!

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