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The writing duo behind I Will Find You discuss Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen ✒️
It’s a truth universally acknowledged…
Pride and Prejudice doesn’t seem the most likely inspiration for a domestic thriller, but both of us are long time Jane Austen fans and often talk about the Bennet sisters and how different they were. There is Lizzie who is quick witted but full of prejudice, there is the perfect Jane, and the unbridled Lydia who succumbs to her shadow side. Then there is Kitty and Mary. Kitty has the capacity to either follow Lydia down a dark path or redeem herself and follow Jane and Lizzie, while Mary has also gone down a shadowy path but in a more cerebral, pompous manner. This duality of good and bad is also played out with Darcy and Wickham when Lizzie discovers that one has all the goodness and the other has all the appearance of it.
What we really loved is how some characters did recover from their pride and prejudices, and showed character growth, while others like Lydia and Wickham went in a dark direction with no redemption.
And it’s these relationships between good and bad that we’ve tried to explore in I Will Find You. The story is about three sisters who were all affected by their father’s death in very different ways. And, as they grow older, they make decisions that both mask their goodness, and hide their decent into the shadows, which we hope will keep the reader guessing.
I Will Find You by Amanda Rigby is out now!

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