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Inspired by her brand new novel The Three Loves of Sebastian Cooper, Zoë Folbigg shares her favourite films featuring funerals!
1 Four Weddings And A Funeral
Stop all the clocks… need I say more?
2. My Girl
I have never cried as much or as noisily in a cinema as I did when a Macaulay Culkin lies in a coffin and Anna Chlumsky sobs over her best friend, panicking that he isn’t wearing his glasses and can’t see without them 😭
3. Maverick
No spoilers here: but there is a funeral scene, and it got me. What a film!
4. November Rain
Not strictly a film, but death becomes supermodel Stephanie Seymour in the epic Guns N Roses music video – at the time one of the most expensive ever made. Watch it for her two epic wedding dresses, if not for Slash playing guitar outside a church in the desert (unplugged).
5. Wedding Crashers
Owen Wilson gets a conscience when he starts crashing funerals to pick up women and sees Will Ferrell beating him at his game.

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