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Wartime blues for the Harpers Girls is the latest in the Welcome to Harpers series.  It carries on from Harpers Heroes and tells the tale of the girls from Harpers store dealing with the various problems they encounter in life.  Maggie is sent home desperately ill after collapsing at work nursing injured men in France.  Will she recover her health and strength and what lies ahead for her now?

Sally is being followed by a mysterious woman. Who is she and what does she want?

Rachel’s husband is ill and she is feeling very alone when she discovers a little girl crying on her doorstep.  Can she rescue her and will her kind heart lead her astray?

So many problems for all the girls.  Harpers is surviving the long war despite the shortages but life isn’t easy for anyone.

This is a book filled with emotion, tension and little mysteries.  I wanted to make this one slightly grittier than some of the earlier books.  If a series is to continue it has to evolve and I am gradually bringing in new characters who will take over from some of the original Harpers girls, some of whom may suffer terrible hardship.  Although Maggie and Beth will make small appearances in future books, their lives have settled into domestic comfort for the moment and we shall witness traumas for new and exciting characters in future books.  So Wartime Blues for the Harpers Girls is a book to give some of the characters a happy ending after they’ve been through the storms of life.  We shall look forward to developing new storms and new adventures for other characters who still have turbulent lives.

Sally and Ben are the pivotal characters and will always form the centre of any book set in Harpers’ Emporium; the other characters will come and go, but in Wartime Blues for the Harpers’ Girls I have all the favourite characters, some of them eventually finding happiness.

I hope my readers will enjoy this episode and I look forward to writing more in the series later this year – but I am also working on a completely new series.  So the future looks exciting and fun – and I know my readers are going to love the new books – at least, I hope they will, because I am enjoying writing them.

Enjoy reading.  We all need the fantasy world books take us into just now.

Let’s hope we have a good summer – when it starts – and no more lockdowns!

Love from Rosie Clarke

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